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Repair and re-engineering of equipment to extend life n Thermal spray coatings n Weld cladding: pinch, wrapper, table, edger, and deflector rolls n Bearing journal repair n Mill stand alignment n Large hydraulic cylinder repair n Side guide, threading table & spray header repair Annealing and pickling lines: n Rolls: manufacture, repair, refurbish

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Your trusted destination for welding resources, helpful support and high-performance products for all of your welding projects. Together, we can build anything. Miller - Welding Equipment - MIG/TIG/Stick Welders & Plasma Cutting

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Jan 22, 2020· Interested in learning more about this PRG service and how it can benefit your company's rolls? Give us a call. We'll visit with you to discuss in detail how we can improve roll life in your particular application. The consultation is absolutely free. SPEAK TO THE EXPERTS AT PRECISION ROLL GRINDING TODAY

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TIPS FOR OVERLAYING JOURNALS AND CASTER ROLLS Although the ultimate hardfacing deposit selected will vary based on the intended application, Regis Geisler of Lincoln Electric explains the welding and fabrication techniques to follow for rebuilding caster rolls, crankshafts, roll pins, extrusion rolls, crusher rolls, or other types of journals made of low alloy steel.

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Since our inception in 1955, OSAKA FUJI Corporation has built an outstanding performance record in the field of steel industry facility fabrication and repair. We have expanded our operations as Japanese major steelmakers have developed more-sophisticated steelwork …

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Build up rolls with weld, Mill welded surface back down to required dimensions and finish, Machine journals to appropriate specifications and Machine keyway ... The top pinch rolls are supplied as an assembly comprising a forged alloy steel through-shaft, two forged alloy steel hubs. ... Z mill rolls repair.


The first in the USSR rolls for hot-rolling mills were produced from ingots weighing up to 40 tons at Uralmashplant in 1934. The plant began producing large ingots, weighing 60 tons and more, in , which allowed to manufacture large backup rolls for rolling mills.

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Many operators are able to mig weld at an acceptable level with limited training. But these same operators run into trouble when they begin creating inferior welds and are unable to diagnose and correct their own problems. ... Drive Roll Drive rolls on the wire feeder periodically wear out and need to be replaced. ... Feed the wire and pinch it ...

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Steel mill roll chevron milling, bearings left mounted to serve as rotational axis. ... Crusher parts sustain severe wear and damage that we can weld repair and re-machine. Transmissions, drives, gears, belts and bearings for heavy industry, we can design and build to your specifications. ... Pinch rolls assembled and shipping back to the customer.

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Your new technology and new views on tube and pipe mill tooling are very refreshing. Before we used "Super Roll" we were getting 1.5 million feet per run. We are presently getting over 2.5 million feet, not mention the savings in revenue because of no bore wear, no face wear, and shafts lasting indefinitely. Most of all, there are less roll ...

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4 Applying the Weld Deposits Cleanliness — Remove rust, dirt, grease, oil and other contaminants from the surfaces to be welded. Surface Preparation — Badly cracked, deformed or work hardened surfaces should be removed by

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weld repair on hot mill pinch rolls .in Example applications of welding technology in the steel field ... the weld repair of the roll journals. . programs on Hot Strip ... Vertical mill tire, Φ1500 x 800L ... Get Price. WA Integra - Welding Alloys

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Roll surfacing equipment can be used to surfacing the surface of the welding roll, roll or workpiece on the surface of the roll or the workpiece, and to repair the wear, corrosion, and other alloy materials, or to repair the rolling mill rolls. The main welding technology adopts the mature powder core arc welding technology in the roll repair welding industry, and the automatic repair work of ...

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Aug 16, 2001· As the name implies, this stand irons out any hot imperfections the scarf knife may leave behind. It also adds a tremendous amount of stability to the scarfing operation. On mills that employ induction welding, moving the induction coil upstream a bit and away from the weld rolls helps temper the edges of the strip by preheating them before ...

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The Xtek Pinch Roll is known for its "pickup free" performance and is in use in hot mills worldwide. Forged Cold Mill Rolls Pinch Rolls Edger Rolls Leveler Rolls Specialty Rolls Roll Repair For hot strip mill Edger applications, Xtek developed another special steel grade with superior resistance to the thermal fatigue and firecracking so ...

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Apr 22, 2012· (Roll forming: ) This film takes you through the processes within a hot rolling mill. You'll get to see the different stages all t...

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Hot Rolling Mill Hydraulic Gap Control (HGC) thickness control improvement Peter Kucsera*, Zsolt Béres** * Óbuda University, Tavaszmező u. 15-17, H-1084 Budapest, Hungary ... be rolled several times on a reversing mill. Rolling is done by two work rolls, each supported by backup rolls. The maximum rolling force can reach kN.

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The weld metal is suitable for welding of AISI type 410,414 stainless steels, repair welding of ASTM CA-6 NM casting, rebuilding of stainless steel rolls of matching composition and areas where good resistance to abrasive wear along with corrosion properties are desired.

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Himont Roll Cladding . 1 ... Welding of new and worn rollers for steel and allied industries requiers the knowledge and experience of specialists in this type of work. ... plate mill leveler, back - up rolls, hot strip mill pinch rolls. - Special alloy developed for improved resistance to abrasion when compared to FILTUB1, excellent thermal ...

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Jul 04, 2016· Can someone please explain what a pinch weld on the unibody frame of a car's undercarriage area is, please? Thank you. ... roll up the carpet, and find just how badly the upward deformation damaged the inner layers of the metal. ... The estimate from the dealer is $822 for the strut, strut mount and bearing repair. The body shop estimate to ...

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And, let's say I want to stitch weld the seams, that is, not a continuous weld for the full length of the overlap. What steps do I take to make sure that, after painting the assembly, that I don't get rust coming out of the area of metal between the two plates. Should I paint the steel before welding(and wire brush off the area to be welded?


STEEL MILL ROLLS Bridal Rolls Pinch Rolls ... Table Rolls Dixie Precision provides Industrial Roller Repair Complete replacement of broken journals Idle end Journal Repair Drive end Journal Repair Complete Journal Repair servies Complete repair of broken shafts Regroove your rubber roller finish Weld up and precision turn to original size ...

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ROLLING MILL ROLL MAINTENANCE SMS group Inc. can expertly maintain backup and work rolls used in hot and cold rolling mills. Undetected surface cracks and bruising can cause rolls to spall or break in the mill stand. To insure defective rolls don't return to service, we use a roll inspection system with ultrasound and eddy current

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Oct 04, 2010· Double-pinch rolls can prebend both plate ends without removal, as is required with single-pinch rolls. Three-roll machines generally require prebending the leading end, running the sheet through the machine to prebend the trailing end, and then switching roll rotation direction to roll …

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