What is Sponge Iron? (with pictures)

Oct 10, 2019· Sometimes known as direct-reduced iron, sponge iron is a product that is produced using iron ore.The iron ore is often in the form of pellets or lumps, and is subjected to a reduction process that is created by the use of a reducing gas that emits from coal or a natural gas source. This type of iron can be produced in several different types of furnaces, including coke or charcoal ovens, …

Sponge Iron Plants | Steel Manufacturing Companies in ...

The company has the world's largest coal-based sponge iron manufacturing facility at Raigarh, Chhattisgarh and stands out as the market leader in coal-based sponge iron industry within India. ... The plant uses direct reduced iron (DRI) process method of production and utilises ten indigenously developed rotary kilns (6 kilns of 300 tonnes per ...

Complete Process Of Sponge Iron Kilns

Complete process of sponge iron kilns geogenesis. complete process of sponge iron kilns atithipalacein This page is about process making sponge iron rotary kiln. Get Price. Energy Audit Methodology of Sponge Iron Manufacturing. Conducting complete energy audit (both process and utility) of a sponge iron unit is challenging as there is no laid ...

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Some of the sponge iron plants are captive to steel mills, but there is a significant domestic merchant market, India producing 57% of its crude steel in electric arc furnaces (2016). At integrated mini-mills, DRI can be hot charged to the EAF, at temperatures in the region of 650° C, …

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Oct 17, 2017· Direct iron reduction or sponge iron production was practiced in ancient times. The sponge iron was then hammered to remove impurities and produce iron weapons and tools. The low cost of natural gas has made the direct reduced iron (DRI) process more attractive to steelmakers.

The HBI direct reduction process - voestalpine

Nov 03, 2016· The direct reduction process. HBI is the product of reducing iron ore with natural gas. This is called the direct reduction process and is an environmentally-friendly production process; a DRI plant uses natural gas which is more environmentally sound than coke. The reduction process takes place in the reduction tower.

Lubrication of Girth Gears in Sponge Iron Plants

In sponge iron plants girth gears are preferred for the rotation of furnaces over the gearless drives due to their lower initial cost, simplicity to install, operate and maintain. In coal based sponge iron technology, the furnace (rotary kiln) fulfills various functions.

Tata Sponge Iron Limited, Keonjhar - Manufacturer of ...

Tata Sponge produces high-grade sponge iron that is consistent in quality. The Company has an annual manufacturing capacity of 390,000 tonnes of sponge iron from its 3 kilns. The production process followed at Tata Sponge makes it unique and superior than its competitors. Various properties of sponge iron typically produced at Tata Sponge:

The Powder Metallurgy Process

These production technologies generally involve all or most of the following process steps: Powder production. Virtually all iron powders for PM structural part production are manufactured using either the sponge iron process or water atomisation. Non ferrous metal powders used for other PM applications can be produced via a number of methods.

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Iron sponge has been used to remove H 2 S from gas streams for more than 100 years and the media is comprised of wood chips coated with iron hydroxide. H2SPlus Systems are currently in use throughout the U.S. treating a variety of gas streams to remove H 2 S & mercaptans and reduce SO 2. View Case Studies. How It Works

sponge iron process

Jul 29, 2010· The Fe total content in sponge iron purely depends on Fe con tent in iron ore and the degree of reduction achieved in the process. Fe total content of 90%min is required for steel making requirement. Fe metallic: Fe metallic content in sponge iron depends on the effective control of process …

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Apr 30, 2011· That is; the production process of sponge iron is a liquid state process whereas it is a solid state process for pig iron. Summary – Sponge Iron vs Pig Iron. Both sponge iron and pig iron are two basic forms of iron that we can obtain via processing natural iron ore. The key difference between sponge iron and pig iron is that we can produce ...

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Steel making today and tomorrow . There are major differences between the steel making process of today and the HYBRIT-process of tomorrow. In the current blast furnace based process, coal is the main source of energy. The use of coke ovens produces metallurgical coke and coke oven gas. ... sponge iron or direct reduced iron (DRI), with water ...

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The process of sponge iron making aims to remove oxygen from PELLET. When that occurs, the departing oxygen causes micro pores in the ore body making it porous. Sponge iron is distinct due to its high metallic iron content and consistent chemical and physical characteristics.

Pig Iron Manufacturing Process

Table of ContentsElectric Furnace Production of Pig SteelMaking Pig Iron by Electric Furnace Regulation of CarbonPig Iron ImpuritiesLoss of Iron in the SlagAdaptability of the Process to Continuous OperationCost of Production of Pig IronPig Iron At the beginning of the use of the electric furnace, for the manufacture of calcium carbide and ferro-alloys, experimental work was conducted in it ...

Sponge iron industry needs quick actions for survival ...

Oct 25, 2013· Sponge iron industry needs quick actions for survival ... While gas-based sponge iron process is highly eco-friendly and energy efficient, coal-based sponge iron process is a highly energy intensive activity and leads to higher carbon load on climate, especially by smaller units.

Direct reduced iron - Wikipedia

Direct reduced iron (DRI), also called sponge iron, is produced from the direct reduction of iron ore (in the form of lumps, pellets, or fines) to iron by a reducing gas or elemental carbon produced from natural gas or coal. Many ores are suitable for direct reduction.

A leader in metal powders born in Sweden | Höganäs

Sieurin invents sponge iron method The Höganäs Method is invented by engineer Emil Sieurin. The method means reducing iron ore with the help of coke, lime and clay. After patenting the method, Höganäs starts production in 1911 and in 1912 a plant is built. Later on, Höganäs will start grinding the reduced iron to powder, sponge iron powder.

Designing Iron Sponge Process For H2S Removal - Student ...

Designing Iron Sponge Process For H2S Removal - posted in Student: Hi all, I am a final year student in australia and am trying to complete my design project. I am tasked with designing the equipment for the Iron Sponge (oxide) process for the removal of hydrogen sulphide from natural gas. I have come to understand that this is a fixed bed adsorber column design but i cannot find much ...

Application of Low-Cost Sponge Iron for Complete ...

Aug 08, 2013· With increasing reaction time, sponge iron particles could debrominate BDE 209 into lower environmental dominant brominated compounds, such as BDE-153, BDE-100, BDE-99, BDE-47 and diphenyl ether, the complete debromination product. This is the first report of complete debromination of BDE 209 using sponge iron.

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Brass or Conventional Sponge. Using a sponge will help to keep the soldering iron tip clean by removing the oxidation that forms. Tips with oxidation will tend to turn black and not accept solder as it did when it was new. You could use a conventional wet sponge but this tends to shorten the lifespan of the tip due to expansion and contraction.

Sponge Iron Process Vs Cement Process

Iron Sponge Process - an overview ScienceDirect Topics. 8.5.1 Iron sponge process. An example of a hydrogen sulfide scavenger process is the iron sponge process (also called the dry box process), which is the oldest and still the most widely used batch process for sweetening of natural gas and natural gas liquids (Anerousis and Whitman, 1984).


Part 3A: Iron Sponge Basics November 2017 One of the oldest technologies for the removal of hydrogen sulfide (H 2 S) from gas is the use of "Iron Sponge". A chemical-physical process, originally developed to remove H 2 S from natural and coal gas streams, iron sponge has been in use for over 140 years and more recently to remove H 2

Iron Sponge Process - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

James G. Speight Ph.D., D.Sc., in Natural Gas (Second Edition), 2019. 8.5.1 Iron sponge process. An example of a hydrogen sulfide scavenger process is the iron sponge process (also called the dry box process), which is the oldest and still the most widely used batch process for sweetening of natural gas and natural gas liquids (Anerousis and Whitman, 1984).

Sponge iron reaction - Wikipedia

The sponge iron reaction (SIR) is a chemical process based on redox cycling of an iron-based contact mass, the first cycle is a conversion step between iron metal (Fe) and wuestite (FeO), the second cycle is a conversion step between wuestite (FeO) and magnetite (Fe 3 O 4).

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